How long does it take?

It depends on how dirty the oven is and the size of the oven. A standard size double oven (oven/grill) will take around two hours. Range ovens will take about 2 ½ To 3 ½ hours.

Is Ovenmight A Franchise?

No, Ovenmight is a local independent company owned and operated by Mr Steve Johnson.

Can the oven be used straight away?

Yes, once the cooker is fully cleaned and de-greased you can use it straight away

Do you clean the glass doors?

Yes, where possible the door (s) will be removed and split (except sealed doors) and cleaned both inside and outside leaving your glass sparkling.

Can you replace bulbs?

Yes I can replace oven & extractor light bulbs

Can you replace extractor filters?

Yes I will replace the filter at the same time as cleaning your extractor

Is there any chemical smells?

There are no chemical smells and the cooker can be used straight away

Will cleaning my cooker help me sell or rent my property?

Yes, a clean cooker will certainly create the right impression when selling your house. And many landlords and letting agents have the cookers cleaned to create the right impression for new tenants.

Do self cleaning ovens need cleaning?

Yes, most self cleaning cookers will rarely reach the required temperature to produce the required results, and most customers don’t realise this. The removable self cleaning panels can be removed and cleaned in the van based tank, this will help restore them to a reasonable condition.